Black Friday Insanity

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Have you been out on Black Friday? Your secret’s safe with me! Because, well, I have. And when I was in my 20s it was cool and I’d spend the entire day at the mall going from store to store buying random junk. None of which I have, so basically it was probably crap or trendy stuff that I probably could have done without anyway.

I’d say I never stood in a line at 4am but that would be a lie.  I did that about 4 years ago. I have no clue why, but I got up at 3am and got dressed and made my way to Kohl’s. At 3:30am. That’s In. The. Morning. kind of AM. And again, just a few years later I have no recollection why. I do not believe I was trampled or hit on the head or anything but whatever I bought failed to leave a lasting impression. It was from Kohl’s and I’m sure it was all kinds of awesome.

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted Black Friday deals here.  Why? It’s because places like and A Full Cup do a great job so why should I reinvent the wheel. My friend Renae has the Black Friday deals too, and so does Melissa, who has store and online Black Friday deals. Check them out so you can know all the great deals you’ll be missing out on while you’re counting sheep or sugar plums or latkes or money. Whatever works!

But back to me. It’s my blog! Really, though, I’ve done this Black Friday thing and if it weren’t for the internet and my lack of desire to schlep a 7-year old shopping at 4am I might brave the cold and grab a few of these deals.  Except that I don’t really need any of the stuff they’re selling. And come Monday after Thanksgiving there is CyberMonday with hundreds of stores that I can give my money to while having my own personal Pajama Jammie Jam!

Yah, I know I sound like a Scrooge, or Hanukkah Grinch, but really I’m not. I love finding deals and getting my friends and family gifts that they really want. But I’m just so over all these sales that keep getting earlier and earlier. The stores too don’t seem to have anything that is all that fantastic. Especially since I’m attempting to come to terms with paring down and not adding to the clutter.

Truly there is nothing I need. Except for maybe an iPhone4. Which won’t be on sale, so why get up before the roosters and stand in line. Would I like to have some of this stuff? Sure. Saving money would be good too. Although I really don’t need anything being sold.

Who am I kidding? I need this stuff! And you do too! The retailers have told me I do. Told US! And our lives will be miserable and terrible and lacking if we don’t go buy these things. The economic recovery of our country depends on us!

So, where are you going for Black Friday?  We might need to divide and conquer!


Author: Sara

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4 thoughts on “Black Friday Insanity”

  1. Growing up in a family where the women to men ratio was 4:1, Black Friday has traditionalistic qualities for us. When my mom remarried, to a man whose women to men ratio was 3:2, the tradition just kept getting better. Every year, though we’ve managed to push the “Go Time” back to roughly 7am, all the girls pack up in the big SUV (or two…cough cough) and head out to snag deals on all our gifts for the boys for the holidays. This year, between two of us alone, we have three toddlers under three, and one sister has another girl on the way in February, there will be a lot of elbow throwing and trampling (I’m sure) since we’ll be braving more toy sections and specialty stores.

    Someone hold me. Anyone willing to just conquer my list for me this year? 🙂

    1. Hi Jess,

      I can understand carrying on tradition, that’s important. Also, sounds like a bonding time which is always good. But now that I know you’re going, can I just give you a list and some cash? 😉


  2. i’ll be sleeping in. the year before last i did have to hit the mall first thing because the top half of the screen on my iphone 1 stopped recognizing my touches late thanksgiving night and i couldn’t possibly bear the idea of going without my iphone for more than 12 hours so i hit the mall for an iphone 3g at that time at full price. it was a special circumstance though, no matter what day of the year i would’ve hit the apple store the first moment possible after my iphone stopped functioning properly.

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